Academic Forum for Robotics

The Academic Forum in Robotics (AFfR) is a joint initiative between UK academic researchers in robotics and the British Automation and Robot Association.

The forum complements the general mission of BARA: Creation and maintenance of a forum for stakeholders in UK Robotics, as it originates from within the society of academic stakeholders.

The specific mission of the AFfR is to be the academic point of contact for initiatives aiming to bring together the academic and commercial robotics communities.

Our goal is to raise the profile of UK robotics as a leading authority/world leader in robotics and as both a competitor and collaborator on the international stage.
The UK will benefit through:

  • transition of R&D to innovation and automation
  • commercialisation of academic innovations,
  • acceleration of commercial robotics R&D
  • facilitation of cutting-edge research (2 way process)

Currently, the main annual event organised by the AFfR is the Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems conference (TAROS and the adjacent Industry-Academia day.


Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems (TAROS)

St. Anne's College, Oxford
28 - 30 August 2013

Now in its 14th year, the TAROS Conference is the UK's platform for robotics, with the latest results and methods in autonomous robotics research and applications being shared through presentations and discussion.


TAROS Industry Day

St. Anne's College, Oxford
30 August 2013

The TAROS Industry Day is a chance for those working within the robotics industry to showcase their technology and network with potential clients and partners. Attendees are also invited to talks tailored to provide advice to those wishing to have their research or technology recognised in the robotics market.


Federation of International Robot-soccer Association (FIRA)

FIRA RoboWorld Cup
24 - 29 August 2013

The FIRA RoboWorld Congress (founded in 1996) will be co-hosted by the National University of Malaysia, Department of Polytechnic Education (Ministry of Higher Education) and MySET (Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology) from 24th until 29th August 2013.

The FIRA RoboWorld Cup will be held together with FIRA RoboWorld Congress (a scientific robotics conference). In the past, these happening events have been hosted in the United Kingdom, India, Korea, China, USA, Germany, Singapore, Australia, France and Brazil.

The FIRA-RoboWorld Cup & Congress has resulted in introducing new holistic technology to the world that involves mechanical, electronics and digital control and image processing technology. The upcoming event will continue this spirit by adopting the theme “Intelligent robotics systems: Inspiring the NEXT”.